IntelliCare for College Students
Evaluating a stress management mobile app program for college students.

Thank you for your interest in IntelliCare for College Students.  The app was originally developed for a research study and is currently available for all UIC & NIU students.  The IntelliCare for College Students program includes:

  1. Lessons and informational content on common mental health and
    stress management for students.
  2. Stress management tools such as a daily mood rating, journal, mental health
    symptom checker, and history tab to monitor your progress using these tools
    over time.
  3. Access to a suite of additional mental health oriented apps that help manage
    negative thoughts, daily tasks, worries, and more.
  4. Contact information for local, national, and university specific stress management and mental health resources.

Please refer to the following instructions on how to download and register the IntelliCare Hub app to your corresponding university!

You can download the app here (iOS) or here (Android).  Once downloaded, you can follow these steps to  unlock your university-specific content:

  1. Once you download the app, it will take you through some initial onboarding questions.  Once you’ve completed those, it will leave you off on the “Apps” screen of the IntelliCare Hub app.
  2. Once on the “Apps” screen, tap over to the “Settings” tab on the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Once on the “Settings” screen, tap “Set Organization”.
  4. Then, tap the drop-downs for the organization and set it to either UIC or NIU.  Once that is done, tap “Set Coach” below and select “Emily L.”.  It will ask you for a code to set your organization.  Please email for a testing code to use the university specific versions of the app.

For any immediate questions or concerns, please contact:

Call: 312-503-6895