IntelliCare Research Study

Evaluating a suite of mobile apps targeting depression and anxiety

Researchers are studying the use of smartphone apps to teach mood management skills for depression and anxiety. The apps work to target common issues related to depression and anxiety, like feeling down, stressed, or worried.

Eligible participants would be asked to download the IntelliCare apps onto their own Android smartphone, and use the apps each day for an 8-week period. Participants will be randomly assigned to either:

  • Use the apps independently


  • Communicate via phone and through text messages with an IntelliCare coach who will help with the use of the apps

You may be eligible to join if you are:

  1. An Android smartphone user with a data/text messaging plan.
  2. Currently experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety
  3. A United States Citizen/Resident
  4. At least 18 years old
  5. A new user of IntelliCare apps

Time Commitment: Individuals will participate in the 8 week IntelliCare program, during which, two online assessments will be completed. Follow-up online assessments will be conducted 3 and 6 months after the 8 week program. In sum, the IntelliCare study lasts up to 8 months. Participants may be compensated up to $160 in total for completing the study assessments.

Active; No longer recruiting new participants.

To learn more about the study or need help with our study screener, call: 855-NUCBITS (682-2487) or email:

Quick Summary

Start Date:
July 2016

End Date: January 2018

Results: Study data are currently being analyzed.  We hope to post results in early 2019.Visit our page for additional information.

“[IntelliCare] helped me stop and take a look and think about negative thoughts or negative feelings, emotions.”

“[Intellicare helped me] feel happier without increasing meds or anything.”

“I’ve liked having [the apps]. I think they are great reminders of self-care. Some of the apps are particularly structured around helping you reframe your thinking. In my case, which is all I can talk about, it’s really helpful to me.”

“[IntelliCare] Helped keep me stay on track with things I tend to let slide. With the messages and reminders, it keeps things in the forefront of my mind instead of letting them fade off.”

“It’s [IntelliCare has] kind of helped with noticing what I could do to help calm down once I have anxiety spikes. It’s good at helping get back to a calmer state.”