CBITs Research Subject Recruitment Registry

We are seeking volunteers interested in joining a research registry of individuals that may participate in current and future research studies through the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies (CBITs) and collaborating institutions and organizations. Individuals who would like to receive invitations to participate in studies on technology and health are encouraged to join the registry.

We encourage you to join our registry if you are 18+ and identify with any of these:

  • You are interested in mental health research
  • You use technology regularly (such as computers, tablets, and smartphones)
  • You like sharing your opinions on how to make technology better
  • You have a desire to help make mental health services more affordable and accessible

You would start by completing an online consent form and a brief survey that will allow us to determine which of our current or upcoming studies could be a good fit for you.

Joining our registry allows us to match you with studies and send you invitations to participate in research that may involve:

  • Phone interviews with research staff
  • Sharing your opinions in a focus group
  • Completing online or app-based surveys
  • Testing apps, websites and other technologies (either on your own time or at a research lab) and providing feedback about your experience
  • Using technologies and/or services that have been designed to provide mental health support

At this time, we cannot guarantee all opportunities will offer mental health help. If you are interested in receiving mental health support please click our Mental Health Resources tab at the top of this page.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the CBITs Registry, fill out the consent form and survey in the Study Screener.

To learn more about the study or if you need help with our study screener, call: 855-NUCBITS (682-2487) or email: eHealth@northwestern.edu


Join Recruitment Registry

You can sign up for the recruitment registry from our study screener.