FoodSteps Northwestern Research Study:
Are you struggling with weight or binge eating?

Adult volunteers are invited to participate in a Northwestern research study! The study is recruiting people who struggle with their weight and binge eating to participate in testing a mobile app called FoodSteps.

  1. Complete an online screening survey
  2. Complete an initial assessment
  3. Receive access to the app with coaching for 16 weeks
  4. Complete assessments during and after the intervention
  5. Receive up to $100

To be eligible for this study, you must be

  • 18 years or older
  • have obesity and experience binge eating
  • Interested in losing weight and reducing binge eating
  • willing to use a mobile app
  • English speaking
  • not pregnant
  • Have a smartphone, access to WiFi, and a scale

To find out if you may be eligible, please take our online screener.


NOTE: We have currently paused recruitment for the time being, but will resume back up in February 2021.


Study Name: Intervention for Obesity and Binge Eating
IRB #: STU00208056
PI: Andrea Graham, PhD
Contact: or 312-503-1849

Participate in our Research Study Today!

Call or email Angela Chang at or 312-503-1849.