App for Weight & Binge Eating Research Study
Designing an app to help people lose weight and manage binge eating

The purpose of this study is for researchers to design a mobile app intervention that helps people manage their weight and binge eating.

  • You will be first asked to complete a 15-20 minute telephone screen over the phone to find out if you are eligible.
  • If eligible/enrolled, you will be invited to attend an in-person design session (1-2 hours).
  • You may be invited to attend multiple design sessions.

Eligible participants will be compensated $20 for completing each design session.

This study is for individuals:

  • Who are at least 18 years old
  • Who have obesity and experience binge eating
  • Who are interested in losing weight
  • Who are willing to use a mobile app
  • Who are English-speaking and not currently pregnant

Please note that if you are found to be ineligible for the study, we will not be able to provide specific feedback on the reasons why.

NOTE: We have currently paused recruitment for the time being (September to December 2019), but will resume back up in January of 2020. If interested then, please call or email Angela Chang at or 312-503-1849.

This study (STU00208056) has been approved by the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board and is funded by NIDDK grant K01DK116925 awarded to Andrea K. Graham, Ph.D.

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Call or email Angela Chang at or 312-503-1849.